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Asphalt Shingles in West Palm Beach

Asphalt Shingles Roof Repair

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Although this number is shrinking slowly due to more durable and energy-efficient metal roofing. The market is dominated by asphalt (composition) shingles because they do a great job protecting houses against the elements, offer various attractive options, and are affordable.

There are two different kinds of asphalt shingles that are available in West Palm Beach

The core of fiberglass shingles contain a fiberglass mesh mat and this is covered with asphalt and granules are placed on top of that to offer color and reflect sunlight. Shingles made out of fiberglass resist tearing and are lightweight.

Organic asphalt shingles start with paper, which is frequently recycled paper, and is saturated in asphalt and finally covered in granules. Compared to fiberglass, organic asphalt shingles are more difficult to work with and heavier, but generally in high winds provide better stability. Although they are seen on many roofs today, organic shingles over the past decade have been discontinued or mainly phased out. Why is this? Manufacturers have stopped producing organic shingles because they tend to dry out, are more prone to absorb excess moisture, and are less waterproof.

The following are reasons why asphalt shingles should be used in West Palm Beach

  1. Fiberglass shingles provide good fire protection
  2. They look good on a majority of styles of homes
  3. Quite often shingles are the most affordable roofing options that are available, especially in better and good ranges
  4. The highest quality asphalt shingles are installed on houses in moderate climates that provide a 30-year roofing solution
  5. The least expensive 3-tab shingles are a very affordable way to make a home more attractive before putting it up for sale
  6. A broad range of styles and colors are available which include three-tab affordable shingles and also architectural shingles that resemble slate and shakes
  7. For those who have the proper equipment, experience, and skills, DIY installation of asphalt shingles is possible
  8. The shingles do not need any support other than standard roof sheathing
  9. 3-tab shingles have a 60-7 mph wind uplift rating, while standard architectural shingles have a 110 mph wind rating, and high-wind shingles have a 130 mph rating
  10. High-impact shingles like the ones that GAF manufactures should be used in areas with a potential for large hail and heavily-wooded locations
  11. Most shingle repairs are cost-effective and easy

Regarding asphalt shingles in West Palm Beach, here are some words of caution

Asphalt shingles are an American invention first used in 1901, in general use in parts of America by 1911 and by 1939 11 million squares of shingles were being produced.

Shingles have a lifetime cost that is more expensive than slate, tile, or metal since composition shingles need to be replaced more often

What Are The Different Types Of Roofing Materials? Asphalt Shingles Make Over 70% of West Palm Beach homes

  1. In sunny, hot climates, inexpensive asphalt shingles last as few as 10-12 years
  2. Asphalt shingles might crack in rapid temperature changes
  3. Heat can be trapped by a poorly vented attic and can shorten the lifetime of asphalt shingles significant by cracking or cupping them
  4. Although the asphalt shingle industry claims that its products may be recycled to use for paving purposes, not many recycling facilities accept shingles and are one of the least eco-friendly roofing choices that are available
  5. once a second shingles layer needs to be replaced, all layers will need to be torn off of the roof, which generates a great deal of landfill waste and extra expenses
  6. Algae or mold may be a problem on shingles that are in shady areas unless they are treated with an anti-stain.anti-algae product
  7. Felt/organic shingles are heavy, so it can be challenging to get them in bundles up to the roof

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