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SOLIS ROOFING CONTRACTORS- Best Roofer Palm City Florida, We are a roof repair & replacement company looking to exceed our customers' expectations!

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Have your residential or commercial roof repaired efficiently and quickly with assistance from our experienced team of expert craftspeople.

Palm City Roofing Contractors that Care!

  1. Timeliness: With adequate labor and equipment resources, we are structured to effectively service all types of roofing projects. Our staff communication is effective, each job is completed in a timely and efficient manner with the customer informed at all times.
  2. High Quality: We are committed to continuous improvement, training, and customer satisfaction.
  3. Protecting Your Property: We focus on making the roof replacement process as least disruptive as possible to our clients. All crews are fully equipped with property protection gear, such as plywood and tarps, to leave your house exactly the way it was before they arrived, especially during the most destructive tear off phase. The protection, respect, and safety of your Juno Beach property are our company’s top priorities.
  4. Great Pricing: We are a top account with our roofing suppliers any saving we get, we pass it down to our customers. Our labor force is experienced and highly efficient. At Solis Roofing Contractors Inc., we strive to be super efficient  in order to keep our costs down in order to transfer those savings back to your pocket.
We are Palm City roofing contractors dedicated to provide you with the best quality materials, on schedule and on budget.
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Roof repair & replacement

At Solis Roofing Contractors we care about your roof, your budget and on-time delivery of our services. Hiring the right roofer is an important decision, call us to receive a customized quote and to learn more about our roof repair and replacement options.

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Solis Roofing Contractors is a meticulous roofing company, looking to delight its customers since 2004!

Solis Roofing Contractors, Inc., has been servicing the Treasure Coast since 2004. We proudly offer high quality work and a great value. Our integrity professionalism and attention to detail set us apart from the rest. 

Our mission is to gain the opportunity to deliver our customers the best roof their money can buy in a timely professional manner. We understand that a happy customer is one that provides us referrals and great reviews, they are the fuel that power our success. At Solis Roofing Contractors customer satisfaction is our top commitment!

We look forward to gaining your trust and delivering on our promise, call us, so we may explain and your available choices (including the financing your project). 


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Replacing your roof is a big decision you should not take lightly. Solis Roofing Contractors has been in service since 2004, we are licensed and insured profession company serving the Treasure Coast of Florida. We would like the opportunity to earn your trust and fix or replace your roof. Call us for a FREE analysis of your roofing needs, our professionals are ready to help you 24/7!

Roof Repair FAQs

People have many questions about roof repair and replacement, here are some of the most common question in the subject, if you don’t see your question represented here, please don’t hesitate in giving us a call.

What is the average cost of a new roof?

the most important factor to consider when calculating the costs of your new roof will be the materials you want to use. After the cost-effective and fairly durable asphalt tiles, you will metal roofing to be the most economies in terms of cost for life-expectancy. But, there will be other factors like the slant of the roof or lack thereof, the presence of other architectural features and, of course, the size of the roof. Following are some simple equations that can help you get an idea of cost per roofing material: Shingle Roof Replacement Price = 4X Square footage of roof Metal Roof Replacement Price = 9 X The Sq. Footage of Roof Concrete Tile Roof Replacement Price = 8 X the square footage of the roof For Example, the average cost of an asphalt shingle roof will be calculated like this 2,300 SQ x 4 ≈ $9,200.

Do you do roof repairs?

As an experienced roofing company, we provide leak repairs and roof repairs of all types for tile, metal, shingle and flat roofs.

Do you clean gutters?

At the moment, gutter service and repairs are not in our range of services, we recommend that you call a professional gutter company for more information on gutter services.

Do you repair mobile home roofing?

This is not a service we offer but there are other services that do this work.

Do you work with aluminum soffit?

At the moment, we do not have technicians proficient in working with aluminum soffit. We encourage you to seek a professional aluminum company for this work.

Will you install tarps?

We work with tarps only under special circumstances and for customers, we have contracts with. If you need a tarp, you should consult with your insurance providers as this will come out cheaper than getting one through your roofing contractor.

Do you offer emergency services for roof repairs?

Let's take a look at your emergency, we will be happy to have a qualified professional visit your location at the first available moment and provide you with an expert diagnosis.

Do you provide expert roof inspections?

We offer superior roof inspection services, call us for details. We will have a qualified roofing inspector show up to your location and conduct a thorough inspection inside and out. This will include a full detailed report, photo evidence and qualified opinion on the condition of your roof.

How long does it take to complete roofing work?

This really depends on the time of year and other factors. During the rainy season, there are more homes presenting these problems and so our schedule is always tighter. But, call us today and we will tell you when we are available to work on your home.

Do you offer roof cleaning services?

This is another service we are not offering. But, there are roof cleaning specialists in the area. In our professional opinion pressure washing is never a good idea for an asphalt roof as it can deteriorate the granular features and reduce the longevity of your roof. Pressure washing will not actually damage the tile itself, but even the smallest amount of foot damage can greatly deteriorate the roof over your home. We suggest you use a product like Spray and Forget it washes the roof within a few rain cycles and doesn’t cause any damage.

I noticed some cracked tiles on my roof–will it leak?

This is not usually a problem. There will be times when water makes it underneath the roofing tiles. But, the roof is fitted with small holes, called weep holes, at the closure metal under the eaves to allow this water to drain away without affecting the roof. These holes will allow extra water to drain away into the gutter. But, getting the tiles repaired as fast as possible will be important to prevent future damages.

Do you repair cracked tiles?

We do repair cracked and damaged tiles. Call us for a professional quote, the price covers all the costs like warranty crews, manager’s worker’s compensation, gas, insurance policies and the cost of labor. If you have any questions about special cases give us a call and we will be happy to explain it all to you.

Are Metal roofing materials noisy? Does metal roofing attract lightning?

Not always, Metal roofs will be installed on top of special roofing materials that insulates the metal. The myth that metal roof is especially noisy come from improper installation procedures and the lack of proper roof decking. But, there is no evidence to suggest that metal roofs will be struck by lightning any more often than other roofs.

How long until I need my roof replaced?

There will be a number of factors that affect the longevity of your roofing material and the most important of them is the skill and expertise that were applied to the installation work. As a rule of thumb, an asphalt tile roof with proper installation will last almost 15 years. Tile roofs and metal roofs require strong water barriers and these may need to be changed every 20 years or so.

Is tile roofing more expensive than other options?

The cost of a tile roof material will be much more than your average shingle roof material but there are some advantages. Tile roofs feature better wind ratings, longer life spans and higher durability making it the preferred choice for many homeowners.

Are tile roofs available that don’t look Spanish/Mediterranean?

Yes. There are rooftops available in every shape and style, including ornamental Spanish and terracotta to stylish slate and stone roofing.

Can I walk on a tile roof?

As a general rule it is best to keep foot traffic off the roof tile as too much pressure could cause these delicate materials to crack.

After a storm, do I need to get repairs done right away?

If damages sustained in a storm are not addressed quickly, the problems can aggravate themselves and lead to even more costly repairs. Insurance companies will often have a time-frame where these repairs need to be addressed after a storm. Always check with your insurance provider if you are not sure.

After filing a homeowner’s insurance claim, what will I have to pay for a new roof?

The out-of-pocket expense will be the only deductible you will face after filing your claims for storm damage. The rest of the cost will be paid by the insurance company.

How do I prepare my roof for a hurricane?

The first thing to do will be to begin trimming back all the branches that may be blown around in the wind and cause extensive roof damage. Clearing out the gutters and any other debris will also help to keep your roof safe during the storm. It is important that water has a clear path to escape the roof.

Should I use a tarp before a hurricane?

Tarps are not a good idea for use before a hurricane because the strong wind will easily carry them away. If your tarps are fastened well the strong winds can rip them off and even cause damage to the roof below in the process. The tarp can do even more damage as it is thrown around by the wind and collides with anything in its path.

Roofing Articles

These posts represent a collection of articles related to roof repair focused in the Treasure Coast of Florida. At Solis Roofing Contractors we study the best methods and materials applicable to roofing materials and particular local needs. Florida’s roofs have particular needs that need to be met, even the difference between South & North Florida are substantial.

History of Palm City

Palm City

When Charles C. Chillingworth, a developer from Palm Beach County, plotted what would be Palm City in 1912, there was only one house.

Today, as Martin County is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the county’s founding, there are approximately 10,939 homes, along with many ranches and farms, a cemetery, marinas, golf courses, schools, churches, warehouses, factories, shopping centers, stores, and over 20,000 permanent county residents.

The Chamber of Commerce in Palm City will be holding a 100th-anniversary celebration on March 16 t the Floridian, which is a gated, upscale golf course community. It will include special recognitions of the surviving pioneer families, fireworks, dance, and a dinner.

The intention of the events in celebration of the anniversary is to help today’s residents learn more about the history of their community and appreciate it, according to chamber executive director Carolyn Davi. Many people who grew up in Palm City are going to sharing their recollections with the general public.

Johnny Leighton, who is a 69-year old man from one of the pioneer families of Palm City, says it was a good place to live. It was small and everybody knew each other. He added that it was not like it is today, where people live in gated communities and just see each other while out shopping in the stores.

Leighton is a lifelong resident of Palm City. He says the area made a significant transition from being a rural agricultural community, with dairies, beef cattle, small farms, and citrus setting the lifestyle in the area, to a golf-oriented community with upscale homes in landscaped communities that are behind guarded gates and walls.

During the early days in Palm City, gated communities didn’t exist. Residents didn’t even bother to lock their doors.

Eighty-eight-year-old Mabel Blasko Witham, who also comes from a pioneer family, says it was a really safe feeling. As a child, you could go to any door for help.

How it all started

Numerous pamphlets, old newspaper clippings, and historical records, all tell an intriguing and interesting story of Palm City.

In 1912 the real estate boom in Florida was gaining momentum when Chillingworth and Harry C. Feroe purchased the land where Plam City would initially rise on St. Lucie River’s South Fork.

They copied Benjamin Mumford’s work, who had founded what is today Port Salerno, by offering city house lots to anybody who purchased 10 acres to start a farm. They advertised across the nation, praising the long growing season, the fertile soil, and the healthy climate. They established a demonstration farm to demonstrate what was possible to new arrivals.

Many people purchased their land sight unseen, packed up all their belongings and families and moved to Florida in hopes fo starting a new life.

During the early 1900s, transportation was one of the community’s major drawbacks. A ferry transported people across the St. Lucie River’s South Fork to seek medical care, go shopping, or go to school in Stuart. At first, there was a wooden bridge. That was followed by a high-rise, four-lane concrete bridge that was built to span the St. Lucie River.

The Veterans Memorial Bridge, a second bridge that crosses the South Fork, is almost complete, going from Indian Street in the city of Stuart over to 26th Street located in Palm City.

During the community’s early days congregated on the western shore, the river was used by people as a highway. Leighton recalled that if you had a car in Palm City, you would have to carry boards and jacks in order to get it out of the sand during the summer and mud during the winter.

An Expanding Community

Palm City continued to grow slowly yet steadily

In 1912, a store opened in Palm City to serve residents and visitors. A three stories tall, 19-room hotel called the Palm Villas Hotel opened near the ferry landing and close to where the Martin Downs Boulevard is joined by the current bridge.

In 1913 Frank Barat founded Moore Dairy, starting with four cows. In 1914, a U.S. Post Office first opened and was called “Palm City.”

The very first wooden draw bridge opened in 1919 that ran between Palm City and Stuart.

Florida was booming and showed unbounded civic pride when 47 area residents petitioned for a charter to incorporate in the form of a town in February 1921. An incentive was added by Chillingworth to get the town created by pledging all of his waterfront lots on the river to be used for public parks. The town was formed however it was later abolished because it was not able to pay its expenses.

Palm City started out as a Palm Beach County town. An act was signed by Governor John Martin in 1925 to create the new county that was named after him, with Palm City becoming part of Martin County. Florida Power & Light Company introduced regular electric service to the area the next year. The population of the town was 95 residents.

When Florida’s “boom” became a “bust” in the year prior to the start of the Great Depression, it hit Palm City very hard financially, after the town had survived a hurricane in 1928. The Legislature abolished the town in 1937 due to insolvency. The town’s debts were not paid off until a special taxing district did so in 1963.

William J. Matheson established a beef cattle ranch called Crane Creek Ranch in 1940. Later on, he branched out and started growing rose commercially and eventually became the fifth-biggest grower of roses for the U.S. cut flower market.

Palm City was transformed into a main center for the cut flower industry and shipped lilies, roses, and chrysanthemums across the country.

Long strands of lights were strung over the fields by the flower farmers so the amount of light could be regulated so that their flowers would grow taller. Air travelers passing the area at night thought they were seeing a big city on the river.

Competition coming from South America and increasing land values eventually brought the flower industry’s position to a halt as the financial engine of the area during the mid-1970s. There are just a few flower farms in operation today.

Emergence Of The Subdivision

Pelican Cove, the first, formal subdivision in the community, was platted in 1953.

A sign of the change on its way was when work on the Sunshine State Parkway started in 1955, which is today the Florida Turnpike. There was a fierce debate over where the turnpike interchange should be located. Many people wanted it to be located in Tropical Farms on Kanner Highway. However, the leaders of Palm City convinced the County Commission to recommend Palm City for its location. When the turnpike interchange opened, it resulted in Palm City becoming the main entrance for people traveling into Martin County.

During the mid-1960s, Palm City, whose population was just over 4,000, started to be transformed from an agricultural and rural community to an upscale residential one.

In 1970 a new, high-level span opened to replace the Palm City Bridge.

M&W Land Company, which was owned by William Watson and William Matheson, sought permission in 1975 to develop a ranch-style, 87-acre subdivision that included a gold course in exchange for donating a road system for Palm City, which included a boulevard from the turnpike entrance to Palm City Bridge. This deal started a pattern for development in Palm City.

Developers started to create subdivisions, including Rustic Hills, Lighthouse Point, Four Rivers, and Seagate Harbor.

The proposed development from Watson was named Martin Downs. It was the largest project of this kind in Palm City and included a proposed high population community, entertainment center, shopping center, and university site. However, he didn’t have sufficient financial resources to pull it off and Matheson and Watson sold their property in 1980 to Southern Realty, which was headed by Peter Cummings, a Canadian investor.

Cummings continued with a majority of Watson’s plans but it was opposed by an organization named “Coalition to Save Palm City” which was led by Louise Carnevale. When the plans were taken up by the County Commission, coalition members wore black armbands and brought a casket to the meeting as a symbol of what they said would be Palm City’s death. The action was delayed by the commission until the county completed a land plan.

The project was delayed further in 1980 when the coalition showed that the proposal from Cummings would require a second bridge to be constructed over the St. Lucie River’s South Fork. Construction of this bridge did not start until 2011, which was long after all of the building restrictions had been exceeded that the Coalition members had cited.

In 1983, following two years of fierce debate along with many concessions and alterations by Cumming, the Martin Downs plan was approved by the Martin County Commission with a 3-2 vote. The proposal covered 2,418 acres with a plan for 5,000 houses, churches, shops, county clubs and other infrastructure with 14,000 residents.

Developer John Dodge quickly purchased land in St. Lucie County with a mailing address in Palm City to develop Harbor Ridge, with 695 houses, a marina, and a golf course.

Palm City Today

The community today has a total of 23,120 full-time residents along with many seasonal visitors.

According to the Census Bureau, Palm City’s median household income is $88,412, while the state’s median household income is $53,425. The median income in 2000 was $33,819 for the state and $62,362 for Palm City.

With access to Interstate 95 and Florida’s Turnpike, Palm City is a gateway into Martin County for a majority of travelers in vehicles. It is a microcosm of this county with all of its shopping areas, marinas, golf courses, industrial parks, groves, pastures, flower farms, and nurseries.

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