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Our mission is to gain the opportunity to deliver our customers the best roof their money can buy in a timely professional manner. We understand that a happy customer is one that provides us referrals and great reviews, they are the fuel that power our success. At Solis Roofing Contractors customer satisfaction is our top commitment!
SOLIS ROOFING CONTRACTORS Residential & Commercial Roof Repair Replacement Near Me: Nort Royal West Palm Beach Gardens County Port St Lucie PSL WPB Florida FL

Roof Repair Near Me

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The Best Residential & Commercial Roof Repair Near Me

We take great pride in providing all of our customers with the highest quality service possible. Have your residential or commercial roof repaired efficiently and quickly with assistance from our experienced team of expert craftsmen and women. We offer comprehensive roofing services to ensure that your weather and old roof is restored so that it looks brand-new once again. When you have leaks in your roof that need to be stopped, give Solis Roofing Contractors a call and save yourself all the stress and hassle. Whether you need a brand-new roof, maintenance, or repairs we are THE TREASURE COAST contractor who guarantees the best job possible.

The Best Residential & Commercial Roof Repair Near Me

We consider our number one job to be maintaining customer satisfaction, which means we want to ensure that you receive a thorough and stress-free job. It is not simply a slogan for us. It is the truth! Check out some services that are offered by Solis Roofing Contractors.

Shingle & Tile Roof Repair Near Me

We provide a premium roof seal service. When shingle or tile roofs start to leak, sometimes a new roof needs to be installed. However, that is not necessary in many cases, since tile roofs have been designed to be long-lasting. Solis Roofing Contractors specializes in the repair of tile roofs. Not only can we repair the leak for you but we can also add a roof seal. When there is a roof seal in place, leaks that have started but that have not yet penetrated into all the protected barriers are stopped and possible future leaks that could develop are also halted.

Roof Leak Detection

Leaking is almost certain to be your top concern if you own a roof. No one wants to wake up and see a watermark or water coming down from the ceiling and dripping all over their personal belongings. We provide outstanding roof repairs for THE TREASURE COAST area. We determine where the source of the leak is, seal it and repair any damage that the leak has caused. We only use the best products and materials that are available in the market and deliver the finest finished product possible to your commercial building, office, or home. We also offer the best warranty in they are, making us the leading TREASURE COAST roofing contractor who you can rely on to do the job right the first – which is what you deserve.

Best Residential & Commercial Roof Repair Near Me

Roofing Maintenance & Repairs

Your roof might have been damaged by a fallen tree, or high winds. No matter what the reason is – we can fix it.

Never neglect your roof! The harsh environment in Florida – high winds, sideways rain, and blazing hot sun – all take their toll on a roof, so that is why TREASURE COAST shingle and tile roofs are so critical to any commercial business or homeowner. The first line of defense for a home is the roof. So definitely don’t neglect it!

There are 3 layers to your roof

Shingles, tiles, etc. The underlayer (“moisture barrier”) that protects your roof from water and other types of liquid. Finally, decking. Your roof needs to be inspected once a year at least. Otherwise, your roof will be in serious danger of becoming damaged beyond just needing a simple repair. Due to the harsh environment in Florida, it could take as few as 5 years (include all three layers) to become affected completely by the elements. Therefore, make sure to have your roof inspected once a year at least. TREASURE COAST roof repairs can be expensive. Therefore, don’t allow yourself to get on the losing end of a catastrophe to your commercial business or home.

Your roof & Insurance Claims

Solid Roofing Contractors has helped many businesses and homeowners throughout the Central Florida area with repairs to their property and roofs and storm-related Insurance Claims. We welcome insurance claims since our representatives regularly assist customers with navigating the process of filing their insurance claims. We are very competent and experienced with helping you to identify all the damage that your property has sustained and related compensation amount. We will repair the damage to “like-new condition.” We are fully capable of dealing with your insurance company and are very happy to help you communicate with your insurance what your issues are on your behalf. We will be there at your side until your property has been thoroughly repaired and fully restored to the same or better condition before the incident that caused the damage took place. Solid Roofing Contractors is a state-certified building and roofing contract. This makes us a one-stop-shop for all of your property repairs. We are not a public adjuster.

Roof Replacement and Re-Roof Services

A new roof is usually only needed when there has been extensive damage. Roofs have sometimes been so badly neglected or damaged that no repair can completely fix the problem. It would be unethical to ask a customer to spend lots of money to try to repair this kind of problem. After our experts have inspected your roof, they will give you their honest diagnosis. If you need a new roof, we will recommend one. If that is not necessary, we will repair your existing one. We replace and re-roof tile roofs, shingle roofs, and any other type of roof that needs maintenance. We will seal your roof and make sure any leaks or holes are plugged so that you can be stress-free, knowing that you have been provided with outstanding service from an excellent shingle and tile TREASURE COAST roofing contractor.

New Roof

Are you planning to build a new home or a new addition to your current house? A new roof can be installed by Solis Roofing Contractor. Our team can work with you to choose the ideal tile or shingle roof for your home. Our TREASURE COAST tile roofing will make you wonder why you didn’t get in touch with us sooner! Our team will professionally install your new roof and stand behind our work. We guarantee it!

Best Roof Repair & Replacement in Port St. Lucie Florida PSL

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