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Which Roofing Materials Are Most Suitable For Southern Florida?The Treasure Coast Best Roof Materials

Treasure Coast Roof Materials

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Which Roofing Materials Are Most Suitable For Southern Florida? The Treasure Coast Best Roof Materials

Best Roof Materials for the Treasure Coast

Even though Florida is known as the Sunshine State, it gets its fair share of bad weather. If you own a home in the state, you may have questions about roofing materials. Which materials are the most durable? Which do the best job of standing up to the heat, humidity, and severe storms that sometimes affect this part of the country? Learning more about the different types of roofs that are available can help you make the right choice for your home.

The section below outlines three of the most popular roofing choices for the Florida area. After reading through the following sections, you should have all the information that you need to decide which type of roof to install on your home.

What is the average cost of a new roof? Best Roof Materials for the Treasure Coast

1. Treasure Coast Clay Roof Tiles

Clay tiles are commonly used in Florida roof materials. Known for their ability to withstand heat, roof tiles like these look beautiful with the architecture of many Southern Florida homes. Clay tiles last much longer than asphalt shingles, which means that they need to be replaced less frequently. They are a low-maintenance option that does a great job of resisting both rot and pests. When it comes to fire resistance, they are one of the best choices available. In terms of maintenance, they require little more than periodic cleaning to keep them looking great. The only downside to clay tiles is that they are quite heavy, which may require the structure to be reinforced before one of these roofs can be installed. The tiles themselves can also crack under pressure, which is why homeowners are generally advised not to walk on clay tile roofs.

2. Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete tiles are a relatively new innovation. They can be made to look like a lot of other types of roofing materials including wood shakes. Not only are they extremely durable, but they also require practically no maintenance. They do a great job of resisting bugs, rot, and mold. Compared to clay or slate tiles, they are a lot of lighter weight, although they can be made to look like both materials. One drawback to concrete tiles is that they tend to cost more than other roofing materials. The color of the tiles may also change over time, and they can sometimes break.

3. Metal Roofs of the Treasure Coast

Until recently, metal roofing materials were often made out of zinc, lead, or copper. Today’s metal roofs, however, are primarily steel. Like concrete tiles, metal can be used to simulate the look of other types of roofing materials ranging from wood shakes to clay or Victorian tiles. In terms of durability, metal is an excellent choice. These roofs also require very little maintenance. Roofs like these help keep homes cool by reflecting the rays of the sun. This can improve energy efficiency for the structure. When it comes to cost, metal roofs are more affordable than some other options, making them a budget-friendly choice – especially if you aren’t going to be in your home for more than a couple of decades.

Now that you are more familiar with the best roofing options for Southern Florida, it should be easier for you to decide which type of roof to install on your home. Most modern roofs will last for 20 years or longer before they need to be replaced. When deciding which option to choose, think about the cost of the roof, its average lifespan, and its ongoing maintenance requirements.

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